‘Killer’ dad shows jury how he assaulted son, 6, with stick and sepsis

A dad accused of fatally raping his six year-old son with a stick showed jurors how he carried out the sepsis-inducing attack. Mauricio Torres, 50, left the witness stand at a court in Bentonville, Arkansas on Wednesday and walked over to jurors, before turning his back on them and bending over.

He then demonstrated how he violated his son Isaiah, and made him perform a squat, saying ‘That’s punishment for the mess he made.’ Torres said he disciplined Isaiah for stealing cake from a fridge and soiling himself during a March 2015 camping trip to Missouri, with the little boy dying of septic shock the next day.

He told jurors: ‘I loved my son and I always will. He lives in my heart…I did not murder my son. I abused him, but I did not murder him.’ The alleged murderer went on to claim wife Cathy, 48, inflicted most of the injuries that killed Isaiah.

Torres said Cathy, who is already serving a life sentence for capital murder, joined in enthusiastically with the stick punishment, and that his son fell to the floor while trying to follow Cathy’s instructions. He agreed with Prosecutor Nathan Smith’s assertion that he’d ‘called a six year-old boy beaten to a pulp a baby.’

Mauricio Torres testifies in own murder trial

And Torres also offered a plea for mercy to jurors, telling them: ‘I’m not here trying to save myself.

‘If you want to give me death that is your right. I love America. It has been good to my family.’

He was later seen blowing a kiss to the sky as he was filmed being led out of court for the day by 4029.

Cathy Torres also testified Tuesday, and blamed Mauricio Torres for the abuse that killed Isaiah.

She admitted her son’s capital murder in March 2017, but said she only did so amid fears she would be tried unfairly and put to death.

On Monday, the couple’s eldest daughter told a court how her parents had starved Isaiah, and made him live in a trash can, as well as in a cage.

She claimed that Mauricio had given the little boy a lump of coal in a stocking for Christmas, and ignored his birthday – while celebrating that of Isaiah’s twin sister.

Torres is being retried after his 2016 capital murder conviction was thrown out on a technicality, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Arkansas’ Supreme Court said the stick attack could not be used to form the basis of the capital murder charge because it happened out of state.

Prosecutors now say they have further evidence of abuse that took place in Arkansas, and contributed to Isaiah’s death.