Burglar caught tat-handed after police recognise his distinctive markings

A burglar who stole £10,000 worth of designer clothes from a menswear store has been jailed after detectives spotted his distinctive hand tattoos.

Staff at Dartagnan in Chichester, West Sussex, reported the theft last October after noticing there’d been a break-in overnight.

Reviewing the store’s CCTV, all police could see was someone’s arms reaching in through a broken window on the first floor. Using a hook, the thief dragged rails full of clothes over to the window and hoisted them out.

Police said ‘no other body parts were captured in the footage’ but ‘detectives noticed the suspect had distinctive hand tattoos’. Christopher Redmond, 29, was identified from DNA recovered from the wooden stick which had been left behind.

Redmond, from Bognor, was arrested and charged after being found to have identical inkings to those visible in the security footage.

He was jailed for two years and ordered to pay a £149 victim surcharge at Lewes Crown Court.